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CB Maison is the division of Corporate Brand Group specialized in brand extension projects in the furnishing and hospitality sectors, dedicated to prestigious international fashion and automotive brands.

The services offered by CB Maison are built around the specific needs of its clients following their development objectives and focuses on two main areas:

  • The conception, production and marketing of Home Décor collections;

  • The development of advanced initiatives in the Branded Real Estate sector, from the initial design phase up to the delivery, backed by a network of exclusive global partners that have been operating in this sector for years.


ELIE SAAB Maison_Showroom_Beirut_CB Mais

The ELIE SAAB Maison collection is entirely manufactured in Italy, produced and distributed by Corporate Brand Maison SA. A collection that perfectly blends together all essential elements of the project: the uniqueness of the ELIE SAAB signature, the research in design, and the artisan excellence of Made in Italy.

Grand Bleu Tower_Elie Saab Maison_Emaar.

The mission of CB Maison is to deliver turnkey hospitality projects that create an enveloping, unexpected brand experience; the brand is lived in a totally new dimension, becoming an integral part of the life of its customers, without limits of time or space.


The strength of CB Maison lies in the ability to interpret the value codes of each brand, transforming them into real experiences capable of attracting a new audience, whether they are furniture items or hospitality projects.

Each project is the result of a meticulous attention to detail, to every single aspect, in each of its phases, from the initial sharing of objectives to the final realization.

CB Maison is the point of reference for the brand, whose sole concern must be limited to defining the boundaries of the journey it wishes to undertake, of the new engaging experience it intends to offer to current and prospect consumers. 

This is CB Maison: design and style, respect for the past and tradition, tension towards the future, technological research and innovation, planning and international approach. All of this, accompanied by the multitude of values that only Made in Italy can still transmit today.



CB Maison represents the synthesis of the thirty-year experiences of its founders: Massimiliano Ferrari, Paolo Colombo and Alberto Rugiano.


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